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    Default My New Blinder M-27 & V1 & 9500i Setup

    Odd that the only thing that is really reflective on the car is the plate. even the headlights and the chrome Mazda symbol dont seem to bad.

    Flash picture of front:

    Cut out part of the mesh for my blinders:

    Mounted high above the rear view mirror.

    Detector from outside the car. You cant really notice it since the tint strip hides it fairly well. The detector is just below it though so lidar will not be affected

    On off switch in the dash. The light is on the other side of the steering wheel, so if i was ever stopped and unable to turn off the jammer, the officer wouldnt notice it.

    The smart chord has been zip tied through a small vent to keep it firmly in place. Double sided tape will NOT stick in this car.

    My V1 for my highway travels, close by

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    Default Re: My New Blinder M-27 & V1 & 9500i Setup

    Did you ever test your setup with the Blinder heads where they are? I have mine spaced further apart and I'm adding a third head under the plate to make it an M37. Testing last year was great! Only one PT on about 5 guns. JTG on everything else. My heads stick out from the grille a little more than yours too. Just wondered how your setup tested.



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