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    Default refurb 8500 visor mount/organizer install (98 accord)

    I wanted to put this above the rvm using the visor mount in the headliner, but I couldn't get it level, the map lights are there too which got in the way, so I gave up and decided to put it on the visor.

    I made it sort of stealth so I don't have to worry about leaving it in my car. The organizer is a $6 one from autozone. I added an extra velcro strap and a bit of fabric/velcro for the flap. I covered the front since it shouldn't effect radar, and laser isn't so useful.

    I want to add a kill switch, but I'm waiting until after my cb is installed because I may have to move the mute thingy.

    Any thoughts? I am kind of worried about temperature issues leaving it there (not much airflow...), but otherwise I think its ok. I still had to jam a folded up piece of paper between the visor mount and organizer to get it level (the visors themselves are not level).
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    Default Re: refurb 8500 visor mount/organizer install (98 accord)

    Nice job! I love seeing people engineer their own solutions out of available materials, MacGuyver style!

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