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    Default Newly Hardwired Pro78 RD

    Hi! Just yesterday I finally finished hardwiring my Whistler Pro78 SE to my car's fuse. I have the RD place directly above the RVM. The wire runs from the RVM along the top strip, down the side, along the windshield, and across the dash into the fusebox. The cord is completely concealed. I wired it to my headlights. Therefore whenever my headlights are on the RD is on. If I get pulled over all I have to do is flip on the parking lights on and the RD goes off. The back lights will stay on so the cop won't suspect anything.

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    Default Re: Newly Hardwired!

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    Default Re: Newly Hardwired!

    What is the name of this forum? Why, I believe it's called Show Off Your Install.



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