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    Alright so one of the most common suggestions that we have gotten for is a list of installers. If any of you could please inform me of who you had install your unit and if they did a good job or not, and if you would recommend them again, please post it, that way we can try and get a list going. Shortly here I will hopefully get approval to start making calls as well to verify information and to get approval to post their info on our site. The information we are asking for is the following.

    Name of Company:
    Local Number:
    1-800 Number:
    Would you Recommend:

    Thanks for all your help on this.

    If you guys would prefer to send me their info in a PM, that works too, and I assure you that I will be calling them asking for their permission to put their info on our site before actually doing so
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    Captain Install
    2231 N. Humboldt Ave.
    Milwaukee, WI 53212
    Captain Install Inc. - Sales and Installation with top quality products.

    They did a fantastic job with my car and would highly recommend them to anyone.

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    Audio Depot
    2439 Rt.206
    Easthampton NJ
    zip 08060


    did a fantastic job with my car and would highly recommend them to anyone.
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