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    Default Request: V1, Redline, 9500i(x), etc. with Blendmount


    Could you guys post pictures of your Blendmount installations?

    I'm trying to make a decision if it's more stealthy to install my RD near the top (above and slightly to the left of the RVM, so the rear won't be blocked by my 3rd brake light) or installing a Blendmount.

    Pictures I'd like:
    In cabin (from drivers), (passenger) position
    Outside of the car (front), (rear)
    Outside of car from LEO position. i.e.: When a Leo leans into the car from outside to talk to a driver (or write ticket) (from drivers side), (passenger side)

    If you have installs that are near the top of the car by RVM (but not Blendmount) I would like to see those pictures as well.

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    Default Re: Request: V1, Redline, 9500i(x), etc. with Blendmount

    Over the RVM is best, altho not all cars accommodate it.
    Most important is an unobstructed view of the road.

    IMHO the Blendmount generally sux.
    if you want your detector to be that visible, save your money use the stock mount
    There are very few positive consequences to advertising your use of a radar detector.
    Plus, that mounting position is in the sun, also a negative.

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    Default Re: Request: V1, Redline, 9500i(x), etc. with Blendmount

    Yeah, you won't find many Blendmounts in use by serious enthusiasts. They are teh FAIL in every conceivable way. There is NO good reason to use one. But search the term and you can see what has been posted.

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