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    Default Escort C65 in Mercury Sable

    Well, a few weeks ago my mother mentioned that the Bel Express 925 I'd given her back in 2004 or 2005 didn't seem to be working any more, so I loaned her my backup (a Bel Express 946 cordless) and took the 925 to check out. After a couple days running it alongside my STI, it was apparent that the 946 was totally dead on Ka, and mostly dead on K. So being the good son, I set out shopping and came up with the Escort C65. Ordered the direct wire kit and got out the toolbox. It's a simple install, but came out nice and clean.

    Here was the end result:

    (please ignore the spare smartcord and old hardwire on the dash )

    Of course set to USA mode.

    Finally, secured the SmartCord with some 3M moulding tape, and it seems rock solid.

    Since she admittedly "never looks at the screen" and "just slows down when it beeps" I set the voice alerts on and put the screen in dark mode.

    She's already mentioned that it works quite well, and she's pretty fond of the convenient mute button (the 925 was clipped to the headliner, so the mute button was pretty much inaccessible).

    Here's hoping that this one will give a good 5 years of service like the Bel 925 did!

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    Default Re: Escort C65 in Mercury Sable

    Install looks great! Your mother must be very happy.

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    Default Re: Escort C65 in Mercury Sable

    What a good son you are!

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    Default Re: Escort C65 in Mercury Sable

    Looks great!

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    Default Re: Escort C65 in Mercury Sable

    Quote Originally Posted by jmccam View Post
    What a good son you are!

    Looks good...

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    Default Re: Escort C65 in Mercury Sable

    The C65 is a decent detector but combined with a Mercury Sable, the driver should be invincible.



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