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    Default V1 hardwire in 06 Ford Fusion

    2006 Ford Fusion, with a V1 on a Blendmount.

    This is a quick trip from ghetto install, to suburban ghetto, to hardwire. I used the Access-a-fuse instead of a bayonet tap on the radio fuse, as I just couldn't get my arm up enough for leverage to push the tap on a fuse in, so that product worked out OK for this. I snipped the fuse cover case for the hot lead, and the rest was pretty straightforward as one can see.

    The cd is out being LED modded, and that should go on the dash lip nicely just in front and to right of the speedo.

    Not the most difficult of hw installs, but getting to the fuse panel was an experience. Odd thing is, there is plenty of room if they had designed it to be somewhat flush with the lower dash. Why they stuck it up and angled as is, is beyond me.

    There was not a lot of room for my arms, and if your a tad above small or svelte, it gets interesting to bend and feel your way around short of twisting sideways to peer up to the panel. Oh, and that door sill may leave a bruise for a few days on your back, and the brake pedal likes to snag eye-glasses....sheeeesh.

    I have a more detailed set of pics and tips on the Blendmount install itself, and the V1 hardwire, over on my Flickr page (see sig and go to Our Cars collection)

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    Default Re: V1 hardwire in 06 Ford Fusion

    Nice install, I love my BlendMount!

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    Default Re: V1 hardwire in 06 Ford Fusion

    Awesome, it look better than it did before.



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