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    Default STi-R + V1 Install on 1997 Tacoma

    Here's my install. I know, my vehicle is really dirty, and I also should have straightened out my steering wheel, but I wanted to get some photos on here asap. Here's some notes on the not-so-super-obvious:

    Photo 1: You can see the V1 about 6 inches towards driver's side of the rear-view mirror.

    Photo 2: STi-R controls are just below the wiper control out of view.

    Photo 3: STi-R controls are between the wiper control and the nook of the steering wheel, to the left of the stereo. Also, I don't have trouble with the displays being blocked by the steering wheel, it just appears so due to the low camera angle.

    Photo 4: V1 is level. The camera angle throws you off.

    Photo 5: Normally you cannot see the V1 illuminated because the concealed display shuts it off for stealth. I had it lit up so you all can see where it's at from the rear. Also, I'm not tall, so my head does not block the rear antenna.

    Photo 6: The speaker is mounted a few inches from in my left eardrum.

    The only thing that's inconvenient is muting the V1, but I love the fact that all my information is in my cluster, and I can glance at it and still see what's going on in front of me.
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