Hey everyone!
It's been just under 2 years since my last post and I'm back in a whole new light.
My father passed away recently, so there's nothing holding me in the police infested state that is VA. I'm now moving out to CA with my uncle, and with a recently flourishing stock portfolio, I've decided to build a rally car and outfit it properly to safely drive across the country.

Many aspects of this build are still up in the air, as I've only order a small portion of the below equipment, so please, suggest away.

My definition of safety: Enough countermeasures that I can drive fast, unnoticed.

So here's the build:

05 Mustang GT Convertible

Radar Detection:

STiR Plus
either an Escort Redline
or V1

Laser Jamming:

Laser Interceptor Quad


Cobra 29 LX / Swing kit / Mosfet Final
+26.8-29.7Mhz Permanent mount (NMO) 1/4 wave wideband antenna

Uniden Bearcat 396T Digital Triple Trunking Scanner
+Permanent mount (NMO) 800Mhz Antenna

2 trunk-lip nmo mounts

Rooted Android phone gets free Wifi hotspot
+tx2120us tablet/laptop


Haven't decided on this one yet besides that I know I want the best each of Garmin, Tom Tom, Magellan, and already have an android phone running Google Maps Navigation with live traffic

Future Optional Equipment

-Front mounted FLIR Camera routed to hidden 7" monitor
-IR CCTV cameras mounted in the bumpers pointing at all blind spots
-5 panel rear view mirror
-additional 5 panel rear view mirror below the first one for 10.2" monitors bracketed on top for cameras
-CDMA/GSM jammer
-additional scanners
-additional CB

Useless Equipment

-UHF/VHF/FM tune-able 2 way radio purchased from china to avoid any FCC limitations on hardware
-Motorola M350R 35 mile GPRS/FRS radio with NOAA Warning

Inspiration from Alex Roy and his Bimmer M5
Andre Betz's Audi R8 Codename Blackbird

Suggestions Please!