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    Default Dodge Charger Daytona RT top bananna

    Here's my installed, after careful consideration and recommendation from this forum. Practical application as parking sensor and vehicle closeness I wander will they notifiy of deers and the likes road hazards.

    Thanks to all that commented.
    yeah it's a HEMI
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    Default Re: Dodge Charger Daytona RT top bananna

    Any shots behind the grill to see how you anchored them? Looks good!

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    Default Re: Dodge Charger Daytona RT top bananna

    Nice install man, and the Daytona looks good!!!

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    Default Re: Dodge Charger Daytona RT top bananna

    I'm glad your Charger is yellow. I have to brake for all other colors until I see its not a LEO.

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    Default Re: Dodge Charger Daytona RT top bananna

    no but here's the how,
    take a 2inch L bracket, cut with dremel into two, weld the two where one piece support the M47 and the other mounts to the back of the grill the drill into place.


    you can cut the 2 inch L bracket and use the short bracket to mount the M47, you will have 2 holes the front hole mount to the M47 the rear hole will mount to the grill secure with lock tie, use 3m double sided tape to level out.

    more info:
    this morning about 2am I had an epitphany and I woke up to finalized the install, I will post pics later, any who, tools need:
    bag of 2 inch L bracket 4 each from hardware store.
    1 dremmel with cut off wheels.
    4 mini plastic ties the one that comes with blinder M07.
    1 hot glue gun with glue stick or silicone and caulk gun.
    2 mini level.
    1 bottle of black touch up paint.
    screws that came with M07s or LIs DO NOT USE THE LONGER SCREWS as you will damage the heads and that is not part of the warranty.
    use the short end of the L bracket if the long end is need you will have to drill an additional holes for the mini ties.
    the mini tie is a safety if the glue of silicone should fail which I doubt either would.

    if you do this in a garage make sure you move the vehicle to the street for final level.
    This is recommended for honey comb grilles but may also work with slats.

    1. secure the cut L bracket now an I bracket short end to the head using the SHORT screw 1 per side
    2. insert the mini levels in to the heads
    3. place the heads and I bracket into the grille insure it is level and paraleled to the ground in the direction of travel
    4. with the hot gun glue secure to the grille holding in place for 30 seconds
    5. secure I bracket to grille using the unused hole and next higher honey comb circle snug not over tight
    Glue is hot either were gloves of keep your finger away for the molting glue.
    6. final level squeeze off glue from behind heads, under I bracket to get within if not perfect level a dab should be applied to the screw as well to ensure secure screw and no movement.
    7. paint the dry glue and I bracket same color as grille
    8. test and enjoy
    This conclude my how to
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    Default Re: Dodge Charger Daytona RT top bananna

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