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    Default Colorado installer referral


    If you have a great installer you know of on either the front range or in the mountains, please let me know.

    We're in Eagle.


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    Default Re: Colorado installer referral

    Hey. I just got my V1 and remote display installed on my Audi A5. I was only going to trust my baby to a pro. I did some digging, and actually ended up taking it to the Car Toys in Parker, CO. Its pretty far from Eagle obviously. I forget their lead installers name, but he was about 30+ or so. Had been installing his entire life. Had every possible certification you could have, and that guys was a PRO. I watched everything he did and he was extremely careful and had a good touch with the interior. He did a great job on my car. I have done my share of installations and was pretty impressed by this guy. He did the remote display, mute switch, and hardwire so he knows his stuff. I am sure if you call their store they will know the guys name.



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