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    Default STiR Plus and LI Vertical Duals on BMW 528

    Just got this done last week. Initially the installer put the LI's horizontally in the same area underneath the bumper. I didn't like this, and after getting with Cliff I went back to have them correct it and put them vertically as these are the BMW version of the LI's which are engineered to work better that way. They also installed the radar antenna behind the plastic grill and I had them cut the grill to give the antenna a clear view of the road. I'm already noticing slightly better sensitivity.

    They are at 90 degrees vertically, but the right (facing the car) sensor is a tad askew and needs to be straightened out facing more towards the road a little. It's minor, but I've read enough to know that it's crazy important to make sure these things are vertical and perfectly straight facing the road. I'm not sure how to fix it at this point since I've brought the car back once already.

    Still would like to get with some Florida peeps to test them out if anyone wants to get together. I think I saw a Florida thread earlier, I'll check into it...
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    Default Re: STiR Plus and LI Vertical Duals on BMW 528

    Do you know how they got the wires through the firewall? Thanks!



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