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    Default 2010 M3 V1 & LI Install

    I wanted to thank all the DIYers out there, along with Cliff from Laser Interceptor and my neighbor Mark for all the help and inspiration. This is sort of a show off your install and a DIY.

    I borrowed ideas from other DIYs, parts suppliers and other forums on how to run the wiring, mount the remote display and LI switch and how to disassemble various parts of the car.

    Cliff sent me several photos on where to install the V! remote display and LI switch. Here is the one I went with:

    m3ashtray (1).jpg

    Creating the bracket for the remote display and LI switch took more time than I imagined. And I think if I did it again, it would be better and take less time.


    Then I installed the remote display and LI switch into the bracket.


    I also had to modify the ash tray to accommodate the bracket, the switch and remote display. Removing the center console was not that hard once I found several DIY's for that, here is one:

    DIY: Taking out center console on E90, Step, non I-drive

    After the center console was removed, I had to cut out the bottom of the ash tray. I used a dremel with a cutting wheel. then a bit of trial and error to get the bracket to fit.


    Here is a close up.


    In order to have more room to work and access to the fuse panel and other wiring, I removed the glove box. Pelican parts has a great DIY for that.

    BMW E90 Glove Box Replacement | E91, E92, E93 | Pelican Parts DIY Maintenance Article

    With the glove box removed, I had to run the wires for the switch and remote display behind the glove box. Once I was sure the wiring would reach, I installed the center console.


    I also wanted to hardwire the V1 using the fuse tap idea from latebraking on m3post:

    2008 E92 M3 V1 Hardwire (Fusetap method)

    I used fuse #5, which was empty on my car and split the tap into a Y and added crimp connectors so that I could use 1 fuse tap to power both the V1 and the LI. I also used in line fuses on each per the manufacturer's specs.


    I did pull the A-pillar, it was also pretty easy once I had an idea how from the above post.


    Both the remote V1 connector and the LI control unit were installed behind the glove box near the fuse box. You can see the V1 in the photo below, but the LI control unit is higher up and not visible in this photo.


    Getting into the engine compartment to run the LI front sensors was not so easy. I found a DIY on installing an alarm on the E90 that was really helpful.

    ▀▄ eas | remoteKEY+ Convienence Module installation overview

    I took the DME removal from above one step further and pulled the box out completely.


    I forgot to take a picture before I replaced the box, but I ran my LI sensor wires through one of the electrical grommets to the left and below the box and into the area by the fuse box.


    Once through the firewall, I followed the existing wiring along the passenger side front fender. I had to pull the front grills and the belly pan to have access to the front lower grill where I wanted to install the front sensors. This was also a little time consuming.

    My neighbor (mark) and I used a level to set the alignment of the sensors so they were straight across with each other (they cannot toe in or out). I also used the bubble level provided with the LI kit to set the level of each sensor.


    After this photo, I painted the edge of the bracket and the nuts black so they blend in better.

    I dd have one or two original ideas. One was using the center channel speaker mount for my external LI speaker. My car did not have a front center channel because it has the regular Hifi system. I followed Bavsounds DIY on how to pull the cover off of the center channel mount. You have to fast forward about half way through the video to get to the center speaker cover removal.

    I used the empty mount to house the LI speaker.


    Then re-installed it.


    I purchased a center cover for an E90 that came with a center speaker from ECS tuning.

    51457123750 - Center Speaker Cover - ES#117526

    Here is the difference between the old and new.

    And with it installed.

    I did this install over many weeks and not in the above order. I used LI's tester to see if the sensors are registering, and they appear to be. I have not had an alert from either the V1 or the LI for laser in the two weeks I have had the LI installed. The V1 has been operational for longer than the LI and it has alerted me to several Ka with enough time to slow down.

    I still have the rear LI sensors to install. I have run the wiring from the control unit to the trunk. That part was pretty straight forward. Just pull the rear seat, again Pelican had a great DIY.

    BMW E90 Seat Removal and Replacement | E91, E92, E93 | Pelican Parts DIY Maintenance Article

    I then pulled the trim along the passenger side and ran the sensor wires along the existing factory wiring into the trunk. If you break any fasteners, ECS tuning has pretty cheap prices and quick shipping.

    I'll follow up with the rear sensors in a few weeks.

    Thanks again for all your inspiration!
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