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    Default Escort ZR3 install on BMW

    I've been lurking and see most prefer the blinder, but I like the escort and it has saved my butt 3 times so far and I just got it installed a couple months ago.

    So I worked up an install sheet and thought I would share it will you all and maybe it would help someone along. I installed this by myself and prefer to do this work because that way you know it is done right .

    Magnum's ZR3 Full Install Write-Up

    The Car:


    Front Sensors Done:

    ZR3 display and V-1:

    Current location and jamming devices:
    Escort ZR3
    V-1 w/ S-1 integration

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    Pretty nice!

    I'm waiting for escorts next jammer... hopefully something to compete with the M20 with cheaply replacable lenses and better jamming.

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    Default Re: Escort ZR3 install on BMW

    sweet man.



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