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    Default TAMPA Red-Light Camera Ordinance

    By MIKE SALINERO, The Tampa Tribune

    Published: February 21, 2008

    TAMPA - Drivers who run red lights are one step closer to having their infractions documented by cameras.

    Hillsborough County commissioners Wednesday agreed to hold a public hearing March 6 for an ordinance that will allow the sheriff's office to set up the cameras at some of the area's most dangerous intersections. Though the commission has not yet taken a final vote, most of the commissioners expressed support for the ordinance, sponsored by commission chairman Ken Hagan.

    "I'm convinced lives will be saved by using red light cameras," Hagan said.

    Drivers caught running a red light by the cameras would be charged with a civil infraction similar to a parking ticket. The fine would be $125. The information will be kept by the county, but insurance companies can obtain it through a public records request.

    Hagan said there will be a 60-day warning period before fines are assessed, and the sheriff's office will conduct a public awareness campaign.

    Commissioner Mark Sharpe said he appreciated Hagan's efforts, calling red-light running an "epidemic."

    "If you're waiting at a red light and you're first, wait two seconds because someone is probably going to come flying through," Sharpe said.

    Hagan said that in other counties and municipalities the cameras have sharply decreased the number of red light offenses and deaths caused by red light runners.

    The final list of intersections has not been formally decided, but the sheriff's office most likely would set them up at the area's 10 most dangerous intersections. Here's the list of those intersections:

    •North Dale Mabry Highway and North Lakeview Drive

    •North Dale Mabry Highway and West Waters Avenue

    •East Lumsden Road and Bryan Road

    •East Hillsborough Avenue and Harney Road

    •West Linebaugh Avenue and Henderson Road

    •Providence Road and Town Center Boulevard

    •U.S. 41 South and Gibsonton Drive

    •West Brandon Boulevard and North Kings Avenue

    •East Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and South Kingsway Road

    •East Fletcher Avenue and Interstate 275


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    I was under the impression zero points equals insurance companies can not referrence that.

    Tallahasse still rules against red light cameras, although I know the pressure is there to allow. Hopefully Tallahasse can stay strong.

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    Default Update...

    Full Article:

    "...Commission chairman Ken Hagan said he would have liked to have seen the USF review before Thursday's vote, although he wasn't sure that would have changed the outcome.

    "There's a reason hundreds of jurisdictions across the country … are installing these cameras," he said. "This ordinance is strongly supported by the sheriff's office, and the evidence that we've looked at, essentially from various cities, showed a drastic decline in collisions and fatalities."

    Col. Greg Brown, head of the sheriff's department's patrol division, said studies he's examined showed a decline in serious collisions, even though others contradict those findings. He hasn't seen the USF study, but added that he hasn't seen any studies that showed an increase in "right-angle collisions," which tend to inflict the most serious injuries.

    "We're going ahead with the program," he said.

    Sheriff's deputies will monitor the cameras, and Hagan said the ordinance could be amended or rescinded if the cameras appear to cause more accidents than they prevent.

    Under the ordinance, which commissioners passed unanimously, a company will install and operate the cameras, which photograph cars as they go through red lights. Tickets will be mailed to the owner of the vehicle, who can appeal the $125 fine in court. The violations are civil infractions and don't add points to a driver's record.

    The USF study shows that despite what backers of the cameras say, red-light running is not a growing problem in Florida.

    Traffic fatalities from red-light running are not increasing. They averaged 110 per year between 1998 and 2006, accounting for less than 4 percent of Florida's annual traffic fatalities. Injuries from red-light running crashes have steadily decreased during that same period.

    Instead of using cameras to catch red-light runners, the study suggests engineers look at the timing of yellow lights and make sure the signals are visible to motorists. That will do more to curb accidents than the cameras, which can cause drivers to speed up or slam on the brakes, said Langland-Orban.

    "We're focused on healthy people and healthy communities and we think there needs to be some awareness about the downside of these cameras," she said."

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    People in your area and elsewhere, Canadian snowbirds as well, would be pleased to know the GPS coordinates of each RLC intersection, so anytime you get them don't forget to post them all under a new TAMPA RLCs thread :wink: like mine for Toronto, 70 RLCs...



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