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    Default Does anyone know how Google earth real time traffic works?

    Some how it shows someone doing 93 mph!!
    How and were does it get its measurements?

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    Since nobody has answered this....

    Many larger metropolitan areas have a number of speed sensors throughout their areas, typically employing radar or inductive loops in the pavement. Usually the data can be viewed on the web for free through the DOTs website, but there are a number of other companies, such as TrafficPulse, who pay the DOT a fee to access the information, plus they may have some of their own equipment in place to fill in coverage gaps (there is still a HUGE section of I-285 around Atlanta that doesn't have any speed monitoring). Then its just a matter of companies like Google accessing that data.

    I think the 93 mph reading is probably bogus, unless you happened to be looking at it late at night with traffic being very light. Most of these sensors lack the ability to measure the speeds of individual vehicles, the beam is too wide and they lack fastest target processing or with loops, they're situated across all lanes of traffic and bring in data simultaneously. In any event, they just calculate an average speed.



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