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    Default Garmin nuvi 265WT

    Does anyone have the Garmin nuvi 265WT? How do you like it? The free life time traffic reports are very attractive, although some say the adds are a bit distracting. I guess there is never a free lunch, but for the times I would need it maybe I could put up with them. I am thinking of retiring my TomTom one 3rd addition, and think this Garmin would make a good replacement. Does this GPS tell you what elevation you are at? That's another feature I would like.

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    Default Re: Garmin nuvi 265WT

    i have the 265T, which is the same as the 265WT just not in a widescreen format. my gripe with it is the ugly cord that you MUST use if you want traffic capability. the FM antenna is built into the cord so forget about hardwiring. that and the suction cup is pretty lame. you can't adjust the height/length of the arm. ads are ok, they only show when you are stopped. also could use a faster/more responsive interface. seems a bit slow compared to my mio c310x.

    other than that, it's a pretty cool gps unit. got mine for $199 from vanns with their first shipment.



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