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    Default Portable 7 inch TVs

    For those considering the purchase of such TV, here's some info for you.

    During the last 4 weeks, I purchased the following 7" portable TVs: The Haier HLT71, the Eviant T7 and the Axiom AXN- 8701.

    When buying a TV, the quality of the speakers is almost 50% of everything.

    The Haier was the worst of the three sounding like an empty can. The Eviant was better sounding, like a cross between an empty can and a small radio. And the Axiom was by far the best, soundings like a small radio.

    In terms of reception with the provided antenna(s): In my tests, the Haier was the worst picking up only 2-4 channels. The Eviant and the Axiom were similar in terms of reception, picking up between 15-20 channels.

    But the Eviant is a finger prints magnet. Anythime you touch it, you leave a smudge and is VERY visible as you watch the TV.

    In terms of remote, the Haier has the best remote. While the Eviant and Axiom have similar credit card size remote.

    The Axiom is the only one of the three which doesn't have the volume control and power on/ff on the remote.

    All three retails at a regular price of $130, but can be purchased on sale from between $80 to $100. I paid $80 for the Haier, $90 for the Eviant and $100 for the Axiom.

    I did look at the Viore sold at Costco but decided not to test it bcause when the TV is connected to the cable, it only scans for digital channels while the Axiom and possibly the other two (I don't remember for sure), scans for both digital and analog channels. Where I live, the cable co still has many channels on analog.

    In the end, the Axiom is the best buy since the quality of the sound is the best of the three. Channels reception though antenna is also the best matching and/or exceeding the Eviant. And doesn't have a finger prints magnet (extremely annoying - trust me).

    Btw, all three have similar batteries providing a charge of about 2 hours. BUT, if you intend to use your tv only in case of emergency or once a month, then read this carefully: I strongly recommend you put the tv on a timer and once a week you allow the tv to charge for say, one hour. Otherwise the battery will drain itself after a few weeks of no activity and you will not be able to charge the battery anymore. You might end up with a battery that can only provide for about 10 minutes of power.

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    Default Re: Portable 7 inch TVs

    thanks for the review

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    Default Re: Portable 7 inch TVs

    ok im dumb but can this be used in a car??

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    Default Re: Portable 7 inch TVs

    The "old" analog signal allowed it to be received while the tv was moving, like in a car.

    Unfortunately, if I'm not mistaken, when the guidelines were written for the digital signal, there was no provision made for the signal to be received while in motion. So, no digital signals can be received while in motion. IOW, no you won't get digital signals, but if you are receiving analog signals, then you won't have problem. Except the usual poor quality, snowy like picture.

    Also, again if I'm not mistaken, the guidelines for digital signals are/have been re-written to allow for the reception of digital signals while in movemnet. But I believe that it has not yet been implemented. Hope it answered your question.



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