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    Default Mount for phone as video?

    I have an Android phone which I figure I can use to record video. There are many mounts for phones themselves available, but these are usually meant for the phone to face the driver, rendering my usage kind of moot. Any suggestions for a mount that can hold a phone facing toward the road? It's a Samsung Moment, 3.2" screen... any of the broadly compatible ones should work. The alternative is to flip a normal one (e.g. Arkon 9" Universal Windshield Car Mount Holder SM320 - Samsung Moment Accessories, Samsung SPH-M900 ) upside down from the top, I suppose.

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    Default Re: Mount for phone as video?

    You can see mine in the following video, I got it @ Wally-World and it works perfect for holding, and if the arm is rested against the dash: Video-taping.

    It was like $15-20 (if I remember anymore... not sure), and it comes with 2 or 3 different mounting bracket options so it will hold virtually all phones/mp3 players. Scosche is the maker and I found it in the car-audio/electronics section.

    Skip to 2:35-2:55 for a good video of it.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Tractor Trailer Accident New York CB Info[/ame]

    Though I have never tried it, I am almost certain with the omni-directional arm you could fully twist it in nearly any direction for a view of the road for the camera.
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    Default Re: Mount for phone as video?

    Ive got one of those arm suction mounts you see all the time. The clip in part for my phone has a cut out around the lens area, so provided the arm isnt in the way you can record the road. Im sure most holders you buy can by modified to work with a dremel if they dont already.



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