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    Default Sayno VPC-TH1: A Review

    Let me start by saying this was a quick buy, on a one time deal for an ultra low price. I did absolutley zero research for I bought (mistake) and gave it a try......

    Now for a review. Lets start by talking about the postive things about this camera. This camera is very good looking. It is also very cheap. Now on with the rest of my review. I was supremly dissapointed with this camera. The video quality on this camera is absolute CRAP I bought this expecting a very low quality 720p picture at least but came out with a 480 quality at the end. The vibration reduction is ok at best and the autofocus is completely useless day or night. The video I have included is a night video with is best for the autofocus I might recommend this to someone shooting home movies but for the money I would rather recommend a vivitar! I am returning this camera tomarrow and moving on to try another....
    Edit: Almost close attention to my gauges....The white balance is so bad it changes the color of my gauges.


    Flip Ultra HD:

    As you can see my Flip destroys this POS camera in all catagories except one......It does not look anywhere near as pretty physically as the sayno...but beyond that....

    Videos were freshly uploaded....they may take alittle time to process.
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