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    Default Yet another suction cup for windshield

    Finally got something to mount smart phone with so I can use Trapster on my trips.
    This makes 4 items stuck to windshield, GPS, Camera, Redline and Smart Phone.

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    Default Re: Yet another suction cup for windshield

    Nice! Next, you should mount a plasma tv with live coverage of the road in front of you.

    Seriously, I may consider one of those. I like the way it grips the phone, because the phone mount I use now is adhesive.

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    Default Re: Yet another suction cup for windshield

    If you don't need the additional circular adhesive console/dash mount thing that comes with it I will try to save you ten bucks.

    I don't think I'm allowed to link to eBay on here so I'll just tell you to search around for a UNIVERSAL CAR MOUNT HOLDER FOR CELL PHONE IPHONE's available at a variety of places.

    I got one a while back... There's nothing special about it, the thing came in a small box, no instructions or paperwork or anything. There's both a windshield mount and vent clips (if you want to clip it to your car vent in the front) both of which worked well. It took me a good 20 minutes to figure out how to put it together because it was confusing, the parts didn't end up going where it looked like they would and they have to be right on for it to go together. Now that it's together though it wouldn't take long for me to take it apart and put it back together again.

    The windshield mount works really well, it's extremely strong and putting it up is as simple as pressing it against the windshield and pushing a lever/button down. The arm is made of some sort of flexible metal too, so you can put the mount anywhere you want and move the arm to have the device pointing whatever direction you choose.

    That's about all I can say about it. It's nothing special but better than what I expected for $5...and it seems like it would mount any device - I tried a variety of smartphones and GPS receivers and it held all of them into place.

    I'm not advocating the product or where to get it or anything, just giving my honest review of it to try and save you some money. I wasn't sure what to expect for a few bucks but it works for me...I was looking at $30 car mounts before finding it.
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