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    Default UNIDEN R3s IN STOCK!!!

    Great news everyone, our delivery of the Uniden R3s are now in stock, making RadarBusters the first to receive them.

    We are beginning to process orders on a first come first serve basis.

    Demand for both the R3 and R1 has been very high and the next allocation is expected sometime in August.

    So if you haven't ordered yours, we highly suggest you do so today.

    The R3s are going to be the most accessible at least in the near term.

    • Order your Uniden R3, here.
    • Order your Uniden R1, here.

    When all inventory has been accounted for, you can rest-assured that your order will then be put in the front of the line for the next allocation on the first come first serve basis.
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    Drive safe, drive smart, but most importantly drive protected!



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