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    Default Newbie with few questionable encounters.

    Hey, i just got my v1 about a month ago and am lovin it so far. I went on my first road trip, just a 300 mile trip in Northern California. First I saw a CHP that was in a long line of cars backed up for road construction. No warning, no beep. Next I am goin 70 in a 55 and what do you know a CHp comes by me going the other way, he looks directly at me as we pass, and hits his brakes either to scare me or for a corner that was coming up. No warning no beeps at all. I have had this happen a few times so far with local cops as well. I get no response from my v1. I have got KA warnings for the other KA's I have seen though on the highway. So i know the detector is not broken. Please tell me what you think. I dont want to lose faith in this brand new detector.

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    thats odd. well a few things...

    1)he can't be shooting lidar cause he's driving and moving so don't worry about that.

    2)i doubt any radar cause you would have picked it up with the v1

    3)they have a pretty good eye and can tell if your speeding. maybe he noticed you were and tried to scare you. cause if he clocked you he definately would have made a u-turn and pulled you over.

    also is your v1 mounted somewhere he can see it? maybe he can tell your speeding and see's the RD and htis the brakes as a "grunt" toward you to slow down.

    funny thing is when i first got my v1 i went thru NJ and passed by like 3 leo and got no radar warning. later when i put everything together i realized 1 was shooting lidar in the other direction and the other 2 weren't shooting any radar just parked up. the leo's definately didn't have any radar on but imo could tell you were speeding from the speed you flew by them and wanted to give you a little scare. good eye though for seeing them rather than driving blindly with your v1 as your leo eyes :!:

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    It'a a radar/laser detector not a cop detector. LOL

    Chances are he wasn't Shooting at the time



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