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    Default Would direct-wired laser jammer draw power from V1?


    I have a V1 (3.826) directly wired into my car's electrical system (via the 12V coming from the cigarette lighter). I'm thinking about getting a laser jammer to complement it. My question is this: If I directly wire the laser jammer into my car as I did V1, will it draw power away from V1 and prevent V1 from operating its receiving circuits at maximum capacity, thereby decreasing my detection range?


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    highly unlikely.

    i had a V1, compass, and two Blinder M-40s on the same circuit, no problem. plus anything that may have been occasionaly plugged in to the cig lighter.

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    the starter motor is the real battery killer!
    the v1 uses 225 ma standby and 425ma full alarm condition....

    less than 1amp. so thats not going to drian the battery...

    the headlights are another current drainer....



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