today me and H2M got together to test out different mounting spots for my V1...he also brought along his whistler 400 series detector. he modified the whistler to shoot Ka band as well as K band. we decided to see how long it would emit the Ka and how far the V1 would pick up these signals and how often it would J them out. we actually got .4 miles on this make shift Ka transmiter!

just to have some fun, we decided to hop on the freeway and shoot these stray signals at traffic with detectors. we got the chance to shoot at about 3-4 people with detectors in their windows as well as a Semi :!: . while we shoot the signals at the semi, the semi slowed WAY DOWN! really funny to watch..if you guys want to have some fun, try this out.

we also chased a few CHPs but no dice on catching up with them.