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    Default Got a defective radar detector

    Hey I need some advice. I am trying to get a refund on a V1 I got off of eBay. I'm 100% sure my V1 is defective because it was actually working at one point (for the first day of use), and I pretty much figured it all out, then it went completely silent. I even ordered a new V1 (that's how SURE I am that this one is JUNK). So my problem now is, PayPal has sent me this email:

    Dear Me,

    We are currently in the process of investigating your claim:

    -details removed-

    In order to continue with the investigation of your complaint, we must
    request documentation to support your claim that the item is damaged or
    significantly not as described. Please obtain a document (such as an
    estimate or invoice) from an unbiased third-party, such as a dealer, repair
    shop, appraiser, or another individual or organization that is qualified in
    the area of the item in question (other than yourself). This document
    should detail the extent of the damage or clearly explain how the item
    received significantly differs from the item advertised. Please do not
    proceed with any repairs or alterations to the item, as doing so will limit
    PayPals ability to successfully resolve your claim, and may result in the
    cancellation of your dispute. If possible, the document should include a
    serial number and description of the item, and the dollar amount required
    to complete the repairs necessary to correct the damage. This document must
    be on letterhead that includes the name, address, and phone number of the
    individual, business, or organization so that PayPal may contact them if

    The documents should be faxed to PayPal at (402) 537-5760 (please note this
    is a United States phone number, if you are faxing from outside the United
    States, you will generally need to dial 00 1 before the number). Please
    include a cover sheet with your fax that includes the email address
    registered on your PayPal account and the ID number of your claim
    (######) so we may attach the document to your claim as quickly as

    We must receive your fax within ten days from the date of this message in
    order to proceed with the investigation of your claim. If we do not receive
    your fax within ten days, your claim will be cancelled. We are unable to
    grant extensions to this time period. PayPal is unable to reimburse you for
    any costs or fees that may be incurred in obtaining the requested
    documents. Any documents you provide may also be supplied to the seller in
    your dispute.

    Thank you for your cooperation and patience. We regret any inconvenience
    this request may cause.

    Protection Services Department
    PayPal, an eBay Company
    I'm kind of lost on what to do here..? How should I go about "proving it" due to these stupid requirements?

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    Have you contacted the ebay seller about the problem, and did they mention that they would provide any sort of warranty? I would suggest first trying to go through the seller and then resolving to use paypal if that doesnt work.

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    What hardware/software version?

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    You could sent it in to VR and have them check it out and give you a written statement to how FU it was when you got it??

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    I contacted the seller and they didn't agree, so I filed a paypal claim against the seller. The V1's serial # is 6941140793

    So how else can I prove that it's not working without sending spending $45+ by sending it to VR? Or will I even have to pay them to verify that it's total crap? I think I'll call them right now..

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    Well I called and they said they can't do **** for me. Whatever. Now i'm going to send a nasty email to the seller.

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    Never having used eBay, I can only comment about comments on this board- but I am amazed people use eBay.

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    Sorry to tell you this but if there is no disclaimer about refunds about defective product the seller is laughing to the bank with your money.

    PayPal which IS eBay, they are not going to be very help full, and even if you dispute the charges on your credit card, PayPal is still going to fight you for it.

    Your serial number:

    Serial Number 6941140793
    V1 Description: Radar circuitry known in-house as V1.8—POP2 with Euro Mode. This is our latest and best performer on both radar and laser.

    Upgrade Recommendation: You already have our best.
    SO you can see if VR will repair it, and then turn around and sell it, you stand to make most your money back.

    Or just sell it on eBay again. :roll:

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    Before you jump to conclusions have you checked the fuse?

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    Definately agree w/ NYripper, test this sucker EVERY possible way you can. New few, different car, different power cord - whatever you can to verify this. They said they just need it from a unbiased 3rd party.

    Please obtain a document (such as an
    estimate or invoice) from an unbiased third-party, such as a dealer, repair
    shop, appraiser, or another individual or organization that is qualified in
    the area of the item in question (other than yourself).

    So yeah, why not just make some lame company up. Or go to a dealer near you and get some lame invoice/estimate for something you don't want on your car, just so you can use their invoice. I'm not saying manipulate the system for personal gain. Do whatever you need to do to get what is deserved to you. Don't screw w/ the seller, chances are it won't end up good and if you do get your money back you're already looking at getting neg feedback. Honestly, this is what I would do. As Paypal said, you only got a week.

    Good luck.[/quote]



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