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    Default V1 - Settings...

    Alright, my V1 came is coming in tommorow and I'm curious to see what everyone here is running for there setting for day to day driving? Do you change modes when getting on the highway and if so which one do you use?

    I've read the owners manual they have published online a few times and it does not mention anything about J...

    Do you run KU band enabled or off? For this i'm thinking deff gonna keep it off.

    I know A basically alerts you to everything.

    If I want to set my automute for Kband is this used in big L or little l mode? Also if I set it to unmute on say 4 lights will I get an inital audibal warning or nothing at all? What about the setting for the Kband mute feature for the number of seconds what do you all use?

    anything else anyone can think of I would apprecaite it!

    Thanks for clearning all this up!


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    I change settings and modes constantly. I guess I'm still trying to figure out what I like. My profile currently says that I have x-band disabled, but it's lying. I turned it back on last week so that I could play with the logic modes for my weekend trip. In general I run A mode wherever I can. If I'm in a place where I think or know that there are lots of X-band falses I go straight to Advanced Logic. That seems to cut down on the low-intensity falses quite a bit, which is nice. Driving on 91 through Springfield, MA and 90 through Albany it was surprisingly quiet. I'm not going to mess with any of the K-band muting because I don't want to miss weak instant-on threats.

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    Default settings

    My V-1 (1.8 POP2) settings:

    Factory Settings with
    ALL bands turned on (except KU).
    Would NEVER consider shutting off x-band.

    I drive with Advanced Logic ("L") on 90% of the and highway. I am thoroughly pleased with that.

    Mounted above my rear view mirror. Wired underneath the trim around windshield and dash...plugged into one of my two sockets. Very hard to see up there.

    Good luck!

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    here's a link to the different settings for you.

    I run k,ka,ku,laser on. x off (unless i go on a roadtrip out of town to an unfamiliar place).

    I run mostly A mode. in town i run little l mode. i think i'm at 15 seconds on the automute.

    In logic mode, it will alert like normal, but at the lower volume you have set by the control lever. In Adv. Logic, it holds the alert until the time you set. if it breaks the 4 light threshold it will alert as normal with loud volume. (whatever volume knob is set at.)

    Some of the guys here run Big "L" almost exclusively with no problem. i'm a bit skeptical of it myself, that's why i'm doing a test of it, to see if i may miss an instant on alert from a distance. The instructions even warn that important radar alerts may be blocked by enabling the automute option. i don't think this will matter so much in town, but on the highway it could be a problem. either way i'll see once i do the tests.

    I hope this helps.

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    I run mine in the "A" mode all of the time with nothing switched off and I do have Ku band enabled. Although the manual doesnt talk about the "J" mode, there is an insert addendum that talks about it. Drive safely and happy motoring.

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    All bands on here, Ku included. I run in "l" mode always, since it doesn't effect visual alerts (easily visible on my cluster-mounted concealed display). I also have K auto-muted for the first three seconds, I'm afraid to kick it any higher since I know I won't remember to switch the settings back every time I hit the highway (no less than five hours a week).

    To be honest, I just turn the main volume down in the city. My only general complaint is I see more Ku falses than anything, seemingly at random. For instance I can be idling in my driveway working on my stereo, and suddenly after 20 minutes or so I'll get a single Ku alert out of nowhere.

    Ka rarely falses, it's either a real threat or is quickly dropped with a "J". K and X get the door openers of course, but between "l" and the K settings they're usually muted. What I'd like here (as mentioned in the other thread) would be an auto-mute, notifying me of a threat before dropping to the muted volume after a set length of time.



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