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    Default Weird results from my V1 today.

    I was out driving on 95 today around MD when I got a strong K alert from the rear. So I slowed down and got in the right lane. The alert continued off and on occassionally. Then the weird part for the next 2 miles I would get a K alert on the side arrows of around 3 to 4 dots!

    I have never noticed this behavior before. Any theories as to what could of been happening?

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    My theory is that a LEO was going your direction shooting instant on at oncoming traffic.
    The reason you had side arrows at one point was because of the bounce factor of radar hitting objects in front of you then coming back to your front antenna which was equal to the rear antenna giving you a side arrow.

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    Could this be the problem thestaton? These have croped up on I-95 from Smithfield to Roanoke Rapids NC.

    Photo from V1 Dave



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