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Thread: 4K in 5 weeks

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    Default 4K in 5 weeks

    In about a month I leave for a month+ of travel that should cover 4K in about 5 states.

    I have been flying lately and not keeping up with the board so I don't even remember the exact build of software that I have. It is a V1.8 POP2 and maybe build 3.819.

    For the short trips I have taken that cover a few hundred miles, this unit works okay for me. But I wonder if I need 3.826 for this long trip.

    When I last followed discussion on the 3.826 here, there were mixed reviews. Has any kind of concensus been reached as yet? For example, didn't someone go from 3.818 or 3.819 and find new falses with the 3.826? Am I just as well to hold on to what I have and wait for the next build since my next major driving trip will be Dec?


    Ps I did notice the sticky, but it is too high tech for me.

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    I had the 3.819 and had it updated a few months back to the vs. 3.826. I love it, the k-band range has seemed to actually increase, the bogey lock tone def. works now, and the j-ed feature is not much of an ocurance anymore. Only once in the past 4 months and it was correct it was off i think some guys bmw headlights/grille. I would def. get it updated!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hookem202
    I would def. get it updated!!!!!

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    Default 3.818

    Well I run the test for my current build and it is 3.818 rather than 3.819. Sorry.

    I don't remember have amny false Js, but then again my routes may not expose me to the horror stories here of real Kas showing J.



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