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    Default Should I upgrade from v3.813 to v3.826?

    Been reading all the different opinions on the board about v3.826. Most seem favorable, however there does seem to be a group that believes the v3.813 is preferred.

    I use a Whistler Pro73 as my daily commuter RD and my V1 for any long distance or interstate driving.

    I've been debating sending it in for the PoP & v3.826 upgrades. I'd appreciate any opinions on whether I should take the plunge and have the upgrade done. It sounds like the v3.826 will give me some enhanced K & Ka range and the "j" feature. The drawback seems to be a lot more falsing by the unit. But given most of my driving is interstate, I'm guessing I won't notice it too much.

    I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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    Keep the 3.813. It was the last version before POP was added, and all the glitches associated with POP (including the wonderful "J" feature...not).

    I've been holding off upgrading mine, and it's been a fine unit. The only reason to upgrade is if POP is heavily used in your area (I doubt it's used heavily anywhere).
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, I doubt that PoP is a threat in the area I live. I just didn't know whether the "j" feature was a good thing to have and more importantly whether the range/effectiveness of the unit had been improved with any of the upgraded versions. It sounds like some users were saying K & Ka band range was improved with the v3.826.

    If that was the case, I might be willing to live with some glitches (more falsing) if indeed the upgrade to v3.826 would give me improved K & Ka band range/effectiveness.

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    Keep your 3.813. I have 3.826 and my wife has my old 3.813. Whenever I drive her car I am always impressed with how well it sniffs out K & Ka.

    I have POP turned off on my 3.826 and I really feel it is the same as my wifes 3.813 now.

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    MMMMMMM well you have a very nice detector. I owned a .813 it was the detector i replaced my Rx65 with. I lived with it for more than a year.
    Got some K band ghosting a very little amount of Ka ghosting. Even in Large "L" mode the K band false alert are bad. The .813 did false alert on Ka a bit but not too bad.
    I have found the .826 to have a lot better Ka range no ka ghosting and very very little Ka false alert's maybe less that half of what the .813 had. Also i have found the Large "L" works sooo much better with K band false alerts :shock:
    So to me the .826 wins hands down in all aspects. VR sure are a company looking to the future. :wink:

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    I'm waiting before upgrading.




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