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    Default how much power does the V1 draw from the electrical system?

    i know i can wire it to a 12v ignition source but the jackass who owned the car before me already tapped into a bunch of wires to install gauges so to avoid more behind dash clutter i am wiring all of my new accessories to the battery to keep things clean.

    my V1 is currently hardwired to my cars battery (optima redtop). because of this, it can be turned on at anytime regardless of whether the car is running. this isnt a big deal because i will just turn it off when i am not in my car but i dont want to have to worry about draining my battery in case i forget to do this.

    so how long would a V1 have to be turned on to drain my battery? i know the LED's dont use much power but what about the alerts? say i forget to turn it off while at a shopping center and the V1 is picking up 6 bogeys and going off like crazy.

    and even when the V1 isnt recieving any radar signals, isnt is still constantly scanning for radar?

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    Being an Optima battery you could probabaly leave the V1 on over night and not have a problem. It really doesn't draw much power.

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    I think it would be a good idea to switch your power input, You don't really want a V-1 barking away while you are not nearby, These things are a trophy steal for the little car break-in weasels. The less noticable it is, the longer you will get to keep it!

    They pull retail price on ebay all the time.

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    V1 draws between 225ma and 400ma. Not very much. If you leave it on overnight that is not a big deal. Still I would get in the habit of turning it off.




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