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    Default k band range

    had an encounter a couple of days ago with two leos in the median
    on vt I-89 .These were the dmv suv guys they were chatting in two seperate
    vehicles .my v1 went off at maybe 500 ft .this was a bit too close for my taste. Is there any program that boost k band responses .
    The other thought was it was just one bogey on the counter
    maybe it was the guy facing the other direction and the signal wasn't as strong. Anyone else find k band a lil weak on the v1 .

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    Are you sure it wasn't instant on, did it jump to (near full alert)?

    The V1 is (by the numbers) supposed to have te best X&K band detection bar-none... I have found both it and my X50 would trade back and forth +/- a few seconds in real life scenarios though when my V1 is working correctly (Keep running back and forth through them, one on, one off)...

    Try going by a few automatic K-band dorrs, mabe your V1 is falling out of tune, it happens.

    The only 'response boost' is on Ka band I believe (and this does not make the RD more sensative), it simply makes the alerth ramp-up quicker.

    To me it sounds like instant on, or maybe the LEO facing the oter direction (as you said) was the source, causing the weak response.

    My V1 is sporadic on X&K bands, sometimes its great, othertimes its terrible... pre-sending it in to get my Ka issue "fixed" it had the X&K bands there.



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