it works well on k band as its picking up the gatsos, x band isnt used over here, whan i'm worried about is ku and ka.. with the false guard off i ket loads of falses, and i've managed to get a ka false with the false guard on..

what i'm concerned about if that it may have falled out of tune because my other detector picked up ka and ku band traffic light sensors, the v1 stays silent. and i'm not sure if this is normal.......

i have a few possibilitys which may or may not be a cause?

can the v1 fall out of tune just on 1 band and not affect other bands,

could the radar sensors be out of tune this is my explination for it as they arent speed radars? so they could be on say 32ghz!!!

or the radars may use fm cw modulation?

any ideas.... i'm going to email vr and see what they come up with.

other than the above answers the only other thing is some other company in germany may have changed the ka program scan rate or frequency on the v1, but i think its very doubtfulll......