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    Default Decent Ka detection

    Today on my way home from work I got some pretty good off axis detection of Ka with the V1. I would guess I got about 1 mile detection, but the good thing about it was, I was heading around a curve when I got 1 beep. As I cane around the curve the LEO came into site. Then the V1 started to ramp up. As the LEO passed the V1 beeped a few more times and went slient. That Ka must be some wicked stuff!! Overall I was pleased since I had more than enough time to get down to the posted speed. I was going about 6 mph over. I can't wait to get the RX65 back so I can do some head to head testing. Let's hope the RX65 comes back fully tuned and ready to rock.


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    just dont run them at the same time

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    I can only concur on what iv'e seen with my v1.
    This is of course the first "non Junk" detector i have owned so i have nothing to compare it to. i have gotton wicked range up hills and around corners
    with it . Saved my butt countless times already.



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