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    Suf Daddy

    Default Going from Naked to 2 band Pop V 1 experiece

    I've gone 7 - 8 years withOUT a RD.

    My old V 1 was one of the first ones with no laser.

    It sat in a box for years until this month.

    I traded it in on a new one at the V 1 web site.
    On day 1:
    I got .3 - .4 miles of warning on CW transmissions from police cars angle parked in driveways.

    It falsed a lot less than I remembered....

    It showed me how intense the enforcement was in NH during bike week.

    I also saw how the patient use of instant on at 2:45 AM can render any RD useless.

    I was Instant on-ed at about 200 feet, 3-4 led bars worth. Make no mistake that at 2:45 AM I was the only traffic for 10 - 15 minutes, and if I wasn't doing the PSL, I'd be ticketed by the LEO's ambush.
    I would have been OWN3D.

    What the RD did do, was tell me how I was "clocked" and for how long. A possible tool for preparing a defense.

    So I'm back in the RD fold, mostly using the instrument to observe the enforcement tactics surrounding me as I drive.

    Be carefull and always use common sense when you drive........nothing is failsafe.

    -Suf Daddy

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    Only 3-4 bars worth? WOW! I am used to the thing screaming at me fully lit with all eight led's with instant on.

    I think I got mine mostly as a tech gadget since I rarely find myself speeding. And I agree it is nice to know how you are targetd
    Ya gotta love the arrows though, I just got a 5 out of 8 KA hit today while I was passing a popular radar enforcement area. (desolate side street off a state forest road) I was not suprised by it because I travel this area often and it is expected, (heavy enforcement with several campgrounds in the area) until I saw the arrow pointing forward. WTF? where is he? about 1/2 mile ahead I see a single car coming my direction and did not see any identifying items till it passed and I saw the door decals. She targetted the 2 rabbits I had ahead of me by about 200 yards. and never lit me up. Maybe they have gotten used to seeing me not speeding.?

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    once i got hit with instant-on from a cop shooting x-band i realized a RD isn't all that great esp. at night when you can't see them driving at high speeds. i always slow down around blind curves and hills now a days

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    It's all about AWARENESS.




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