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    Default E - problem on start up help required please

    My ser no is 594000516 I think this is a early model

    When I turn the on switch or power up with the ignition the unit displays for a few seconds the number 8 along with all the strength led's and all the band led's laser,ka,k,x lit the unit then always settles to display the letter E and the lower arrow is constantly lit as well as one led on the strength meter. at this point If I press the power button the letter P is displayed for a few seconds with the strength leds doing a scrolling dance and the center arrow is constantly lit ,after a few seconds the unit settles again and then displays a small letter L on it's own in the display.If I press the power button from the small L , I get a large L then press again and the letter A then press again and I get the small L again.
    No matter what I do the start/power up is always he same I know something is wrong but what? con't

    I should add that this problem only started after my battery went flat with the unit swithed on before this the Vallentine would start up as normal in the selected as the factory default .

    Any help would be appreciated Vallentine don't accept units from the UK as they won't /can't ship them back.

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    Well Peter,

    I don't think your serial number is right - ran it in V1 Upgrades - and it says it isn't valid. Check it again.

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    It's busticated, you need to have it repaired I added a 5 to the beginning of your serial number and got a 1.7 unit.
    It sounds like it works after you push a few buttons.
    When you say "the unit then always settles to display the letter E and the lower arrow is constantly lit as well as one led on the strength meter"
    This is not normal but the P with flashing signal strength LED's means that the unit has been reprogrammed.
    Look at the reprogram list and make sure that all settings are at default.
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    try a different power lead!

    the v1's can go funky if the lead isnt ok... so get a new telephone lead the rj11 one!

    also check that all the pins in (where the rj11 plugs into) both the v1 and the cig adaptor are clean and not bent....

    if they are bit flat bend them back down (if your holding the v1 top facing up) using a watch makers screw driver

    you may also give the pins abit of a scrape with them to make sure your getting a good contact....and theres not rust etc on the pins if you havent used it in a while...

    this may cure the problem....

    vr will accept a uk shipment but you need a u.s address as they dont ship outisde us.

    if doing the above doesnt cure it then you should ask some of the nice forum admins if they will help you out with the shipping back to the uk..

    i'm sure they will help you out if you ask them how much they want for doing it, you can ship it directly to vr but make sure you include the name, phone number and address of whoever you have thats shipping it back to you, so that vr can send it to them........

    cheers jim

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    The same thing happened to my v1.7 5 years ago. My battery died, I had to get a jump, and then I got the E thing. The V1 still worked after hitting the button. When I wrote VR about it, they said it indicates a problem with the memory chip. I just lived with it until I upgraded to a 1.8 2 years ago.

    Send it in to VR and they'll fix it, or you can upgrade it (they'll swap you a brand new 1.8 for it).
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    Default E Problem

    Thanks Guys for your help I think my V1 is shagged (tech term) I have two V1 units the last one I bought was one with the UK/Euro feature last year and I have noticed it is less sensetive than my old unit which has the E problem is this a problem that I can over come?

    Top forum point this chaps !


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    Sorry the problem I want to overcome is to crank up the sensitivity on my good V1

    Should of made it a bit clearer !


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    i'm glad you have another v1, was thought that that was your only detector, which is rather sad when they break...

    i'm glad your still v1 protected!



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