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    Default Question about V1 "J" function

    If you have a real K band alert and the V1 picks up a junk Ka signal from a crappy detector, what will be displayed and for what period of time (approximately)?

    Will it flash "J" and make the new noise and then go back to the real K band threat or what?

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    I think it depends upon the nature of the Ka signal and its proximity to your detector.

    If the conditions are such, I would expect the V1 to identify the Junk LO leakage, indentify with "Dee-Dat-Do", brielfy display "J", and then eliminate the Ka alert altogether leaving only the K brap during the remainder of its encounter.

    If the conditions are not, such as you passing the Ka source, since the LO is fairly weak, the detector may only briefly alert to the presence of Ka in addition to the primary K alert and then drop it off again to just K for the remaining duration of its encounter with that signal.

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    Yeah, that's pretty much my thinking too. i haven't had that exact situation, but i'm thinking the V-1 will show 2 alerts and light up the k and ka light, flashing the strongest signal (threat). it will then drop the ka alert or flash the "J" and drop it, leaving the k to continue.



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