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Thread: Ka faulting??

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    Default Ka faulting??

    i purchased v1 in late december '05, so i believe it has the latest firmware

    lately i've been noticing (happened 5-6 times in different locations) Ka band going almost full blast from the rear on the highway and this happens for like 2-5 miles stretch. i stopped few times and there was no cop passing and once i stopped the Ka blasting stopped too. Whats the he11 is this? diffective V1 maybe ?

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    I noticed this on my older V1 (it was a 1.7 I think) doing this occasionaly on I-70 in the middle of nowhere, KS. Never figured out what it was, I assumed it might be the crappy wiring of my lighter adapter (which had problems of becoming unpluged, reset-ing constantly, etc.) Even after I hardwired it, tapped into my lighter adapter, I still noticed it going full on KA w/o sight of any source.


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    maybe it's my sirius radio antenna or navigation unit/antenna. all hardware mounted in the back. sirius antenna on the roof, navi antenna inside, and sirius tuner and navi unit in the trunk.



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