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    Default V1 J'ed out Ka speed sign

    as you can see in my sig i have a 3.818 V1. i was on my way back from augusta on I-20W and there was Ka speed sign on my side of the road, as well as the other side of the road (20E) well coming towards mine it gave me .8 miles of warning, then once i got to the other sides one, the rear antenna had it for .7 miles then it J'ed it out, stange :? .

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    A-TownNavi, VR was supposed to be working on a fix for your unit (Junk out, ghost bogy's) without paying $75 for Euro mode, you should call VR to see if they ever did it because it would be a firmware upgrade for free.
    I bought a returned 3.818 last year and sent it back because the ghost bogy's were ridicules.



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