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    Default Valentine 1 vs Bel Vector 940 Road Test

    Just got me new V1 in today brand new from

    I am heading on a road trip from Dallas to Lubbock tomorow. Going to road test My new V1 vs my old Bel Vector 940. With the Bel running in "City X " mode, and V1 running in "L" mode. Any suggestions or things I should particularly look out for while doing this road test?

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    Yeah, don't turn them both on at the same time - they will fight each other (most likely). . .

    You won't have any controlled results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bauzer71487
    Yeah, don't turn them both on at the same time - they will fight each other (most likely). . .

    You won't have any controlled results.
    I definitely 2nd that. While it may seem like both are working fine if they're both on, no point in risking them detecting each other while a real threat comes through. This may cause them to both to get hung up on each other and possibly not warn you to the real threat, or they could false a lot more (based off of the other). No telling what could happen...


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    You may want to see what firmware the 940 has in that pre-FCC 940/960s false a lot from dirty radar detectors. In contrast the newer vintages false as iinfrequently as the V1. I prefer CITY ALL as a setting for my 960 (pre-FCC) due to the Ka falses. IMHO the BEL 940s compare quite favorably with the V1.


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    Just got back from my road trip. Well Against your guys advice I did run both of these detectors at the same time. Not very scientific I know but I did come up with a few conclusions.

    1.Both detectors had instantaneous KA results. Both would alert me at the same time of a KA bogey.

    2. The V1 had about a 2 to 3 second advantage on K band bogeys. But in contrast, It did false alot more on K than the Bel 940.

    3. The bogey counter was good did notice some ghosting, but nothing can be done about that.

    Good about V1
    Mounting system is very good.
    K band sensitivity
    Bogey counter (minus the ghosting)
    Metal Case

    Bogey counter ghosting
    False alarms
    Would heat up very fast even when mounted as high as it could be on my windshield without having the tint strip interfere. I had to cool it down with the a/c a few times.
    Price $$$

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but the heat is most likely due to the magnesium case on the V1 as compared to the plastic case on the other detector. I think the magnesium case also serves as a heat sink.

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    Whitefolk, the falsing that you had on K, very well could have been caused by the other detector. You are shorting yourself on performance of both detectors by running them at the same time. It takes time for each detector to filter-out the other one. and you are tying up alot of processing time by doing that.

    Think of running 2 detectors at the same time as running 2 high-load programs on your computer at the same time taking up your resources. both will be slow because of it. and as another poster had mentioned, you could get a scanning lock-up situation on either detctor while the logic is trying to make sense of the others signal and filter it out.

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    Default Bel

    The Bel 940 is a good detector.



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