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    Default Remote Display & Mute button ???

    Hello all, I'm thinking about getting a remote display, but the location I want to mount it is out of reach. I was wondering if someone can tell me if pressing the button on the main unit still mutes with the remote display plugged in.

    I know both volumes are still controlled by it, so it doesn't seem absurd that it would still mute as well, but since the remote display has a mute button, I am leery.

    I tried searching, but it's kind of a hard topic to get very many keywords out of :o\


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    Either mute button will work. Although the main unit is dark, everything still operates as normal. I usually press the mute button on the main unit, as my concealed display sits just forward of my steering column near the instrument cluster. I'd rather not reach through the steering wheel to mute the vol.



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