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    Default It sucks not having a V1..... :twisted:

    So I was on my usual commute home last night on the Dulles toll road in VA going well over the posted 55 as I know this little stretch, and its cool. A black BMW e46 330ci has been on my tail trying to either race or pass me the whole time. I lost him for a little bit. I know that LEOs post up about 200-300 feet, so I begin my ritual of rolling down my front two windows becuase my tint is too dark (35%) and slowing down.

    All of a sudden KA goes off, arrow points in-front , and I know its not a false. Man, like syconized swimming, I turn the detector off and just lift my foot off the gas. About 10 seconds go by and BAM, I see the LEO in his normal spot but facing us instead of the HOV traffic they normally do. Just as I spot the LEO I look at my speed and I am going about 50mph so all clear. Then, in my rearview I see the LEO floor it, pull a U-turn and a random car the merges into my lane behind me, then the black BMW. Lights are flashing and I am thinking one thing, SPECTRE! Well, I got lucky because it was the black 330ci he was after, probably for speeding.

    I felt bad! I had such a advanced warning (See Map)! Now, if you dont know I have my V1 mounted in the rear brakelight of my M3, because they are illegal. I still cant believe the distance the V1 detects! How I went so long without one.....

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    I know that feeling. Ive had my V1 for a couple of weeks only, but man.. Ive been warned plenty of times and I would say that its payed it self back already. I cant believe that I have only got 3 tickets the last year considering the amount of controls that there are in the area I live. Not that Im speeding that much, but once a while you are a little slow breaking down from 55 to 35 and maybe you are going a little faster than the speedlimit while trying to pass that 18 wheeler og get away from the guy that has been driving in your blind spot the last 15 minutes.



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