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    hey everyone im a new v1 user. just wanted to say i am pretty satisfied with what i've seen so far. the arrows are a neat feature. im coming from an x50 so they are new to me. i made a 220 mile round trip this weekend, but unfortunately only saw a couple of cops. i saw more in the city of waco than anything.. their city cops keep their radar guns on (ka) so it was pretty easy to spot them. like i said before, the arrows are cool, but i think my favorite part of the detector is the rear antenna. its pretty nifty to pass a cop with a forward facing gun and get a strong signal 1/2 mile away. my v1 seemed extremely quiet, probably because i was expecting falses 24/7 from reading this forum!! detection range seemed on par with the x50, maybe a little less on K band. all in all, if you are an average user, i dont know if i would recommend this unit for $100+ more, but if you are obsessed with traffic enforcement like i am, i definitely recommend this thing. 5/5 stars!!

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    I love mine to!

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    I am increasingly more impressed with mine in every day of use. My thoughts with all products is to get the best that you can afford, no matter what it may be.

    Spend the money once, buy the item, and take care of it. instead of buying by price alone and needing to replace it with a new unit every time it breaks.

    and what truly made my decision easy in regards to the V-1 purchase, is the upgradability, for any new updates that may come to fruition instead of having to buy an entirely new unit.

    Good luck out on the roads, and please use your new awareness tool wisely. keep it between the ditches, and the shiny side up too!



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