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    Default remote makes v1 display go brighter..

    When i was testing the laser detection on the v1 lastnight due to it being exposed to the uk heatwave, i found out the display seems to go brighter when you point a tv hifi remote at the bogey counter area?

    i'm not sure where the rear laser sensor is, i though it was that round circle next to the bogey counter, but it still alerts to laser with that covered. i think its behind the arrows?

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    I thought the rear laser was behind the *glass* on the right hand side

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    My v1 picked up a laser alert to the rear after passing wsp about 3/4 mile back. I was coming around a corner too, and was about 45 degrees to the left, and he as shooting oncoming traffic. Or maybe me. It alerted even with my friends rx-65 center mounted, and the v1 all the way up to the headliner where the glass stops above the rear view mirror, I was very impressed.

    This really has nothing to do with anything your talking about though. :roll:

    I think the red dot you speak of is the sensor that detects the light on the display, allowing it to change brightness as the intensity changes.

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    Rear laser sensor is next to the bogey counter.

    The reason it was alerting for laserblaster with this covered is probably because it detected it with the front sensor.

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    There's also an ambient light sensor in the V1's display, which adjusts the brightness of the display automatically. This sensor is reacting to the IR light from the remote and brightening the display.

    The red circle next to the bogey counter is the rear laser sensor.
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