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    Default UK infomation wanted

    I've been using my V1 in the UK for a couple of months now but still want some questions answered. I have read on the internet that Ka is not used in the UK but I have received Ka band on the motorways a fair few times and thought maybe its under cover police. Also the V1 detects Ku band, what band does the V1 show this as as it doesn't have a seperate band on the display for this. Has anyone in the UK come accross any undercover police or marked cars to see what bands they are using?

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    right ku band is indicated by a dot in the bottom right corner of the bogey counter thats if option H is turn on with the arrow pointing down..

    the k band tone is use for ku band, when turning on the v1 the dot in the bogey counter should flash to say ku is activated.

    cop cars dont use radar like in the us, they cant use moving radar. and i dont think radar is fitted in the cars like the us ones...

    what they can do is park up and then use hand held radars out of the window, but i seriously dont think they use radar, they will use laser instead!

    ka band hand held radars may be in use, although i dont know what band held radars the cops have i know they have k band but not sure about ka.

    nearly all traffic cars have vascar installed in them for speed measurement! ie they time you over a distance, but i think theses are inaccurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laserblaster
    nearly all traffic cars have vascar installed in them for speed measurement! ie they time you over a distance, but i think theses are inaccurate.

    Vascar is very accurate! the human input is the part where accuracy falls apart.

    It is a glorified stop-watch/distance measuring computer that requires the operator to start the stop-watch and then again stop it while the vehicle travels a know distance. It works by simple mathmatics by dividing distance traveled by the time it took to travel that distance. If the operator is late on starting the count, and early on stopping it, this can add several MPH/KPH to the displayed speed. there are also instances where a leo will fudge those numbers purposely to get a high speed reading just to ticket people.

    Some vascar units can measure distance by use of the vehicles speedometer/odometer system, while others use lines painted on the road at a set distance or meausre the distance between shadows, sign post's or,cracks in the road and time that distance for a speed calculation.

    Vascar is undetectable by any means, but if you see lines painted across the road and a leo sitting nearby, it may be in use.

    The only way to beat a vascar unit is to stop immediately before hitting the end-timing mark. but that will open you to a "improper stop" ticket, or something near that type of offense. But if a cute little bunny jumped out in front of you, you stopped so you wouldn't kill it, right?

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    Bladesharp, I've seen Ka,K & Ku used around the Greater Manchester area.

    Where in the UK are you ?

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