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    Default Ordered my v1 today

    Ordered my v1 today with pop2 3.826 newest ver. Can't wait for it to get here it should be here any moment and am ready to test it out on my drive to south carolina!!!

    x-50 just became a backup!!

    Spectre II RDD Tuned by SMS Aulstralia, VG2 RDD, Escort Redline, Valentine One 3.893, Uniden LRD950, Marksman LTI 20-20 Lidar, Ultralyte 100lr lidar,
    Z-25 mph K-band w/pop 16ms.
    Talon Ka 35.5GhzKa, Kustom Pro-1000 K-band w/K55 remote better i/o, (2)K55 X-Band's, TomTom Golive GPS, Laser Interceptor Tri Head, Blinder M-20 Dual head, Cheetah C550 GPS with platinum trinity 3.0 databases, Pro-1000 Wilson Ant, Galaxy 959 W/RF Gain SSB, Uniden 980SSB, (2) pro520xl, (2) Pro510xl cb, BCD436HP Digital/Analog dynamic/Apco 25 Phase I & II capable, Waze via gal s5, GoPro 3+Dashcam, Canon EOS7D, and Panasonic HD camcorders, 1080p watchcam for roadside evidence 16Gb, Lenovo laptop for mobile updating. *Coming soon's (Radenso Se Pro*,Escort Max 360*,ALP, and redline segmentation*)

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    Thats unfortunate, seeing that the newest firmware is 3.851 -

    . . . .

    Actually, you'll get 3.851 either way - hope this don't burst your bubble.

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    If you dont want the 3.851, I will swap you my newly upgraded 3.826



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