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    Default Questions about K band automute.

    I just reprogrammed my V1 to automute for 30 seconds on onset. I went for a test drive and it seems like it is not muting. I have #7 set to down position with b position down c,d set up. I have the latest version. Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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    If you're in A mode automute doesn't work. Switch to little-L or big-L mode.

    Make sure your muted volume lever is set properly. If it's up too high, it won't be "muted".

    Lastly, if a K band signal starts out at more than 4 LEDs, or reaches 6 LEDs, the mute will be overridden (unless you change options E and F).
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    Thanks for the quick response. I have it in big l. And I have it set to overide only at four lights. I am getting full alerts on less then that. My mute is very low.



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