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    Default Reprogrammed my new V1, turn it on and it goes crazy

    So I just got my V1 a few days ago and decided to check out the reprogramming feature. I changed a couple things (enabled Ku, disabled false Ka guard, turned on Euro mode), turned it off, and turned it back on. Well, turning it back on all the lights start flashing and there is a constant beeping in sync with the flashing. Unplug it, think "that's odd", turn the volume down (originally set at 4 o'clock, now to 12 o'clock) and it turns on normally. I repeat this test by unplugging it, turning the volume up high, and plugging it in. Once again, the thing goes wild and doesn't stop beeping. Turn the volume down (whether before plugging in or after) and it goes through the usual sequence plus informing me I've programmed the unit. Once it's done that with the volume down, I can turn it back up without it having problems.

    I then thought "now I've done it" and reprogrammed it to factory settings, and the same issue occurs! Please, does anyone know what has gotten into my V1 and how I can fix it?

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    I haven't seen or heard of anything like that before...
    You should call Valentine Research and ask about it.

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    Yea, it is bizarre that something like this appears directly related to the volume setting prior to power-on. And then gets out of this mode after you turn the volume down briefly. I'll try using the cigarette lighter adapter tonight (I'm at school right now lol) and see if it is related to being hardwired (somehow). I'll give valentine a ring tomorrow when I have time to actually be in the car when I'm talking with them.



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