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    Default Strange thing I never seen before, V1

    yesterday I was traveling from RI to MA on RT 146 and saw speed measuring box, you know, the type which has Speed limit sign mounted on the top and Your Speed window showing your speed. These were installed at the beginnig of the road work, and they looked smaller than usual ones, which have two wheels and Police written on them. Anyway, I passed one with the traffic, and noticed that my V1 ( I have it always on in little L mode (Logic) did not react at all... It reacted to the mall a little bit later as usuall.. To the second box like this I came up alone, it promptly showed me my speed (correctly within plus/minus 2 mph), but again NO indication from my V1 at all. I have one of the latest versions
    with POP, no updates available according to the V1 website.
    Any ideas, V1 experts? Is that my unit mulfunction or some new band they are using?

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    very odd. it is possible if you are running in big L and have messed with your settings it could filter out all K band for up to 30 seconds - however I would think the next action would be to alert if it breaks 4 bars and I would most certainly think it would alert unless you have it set to alert at 7 bars.

    Perhaps they where xband and you have this turned off?

    So I guess I need to ask have you modified any settings? If so which ones so we can help you fix them a little better.

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    some traffic radar which isnt used for tickets can be operated on fmcw

    its some sort of fm modulated radar, mike valentine said something about this not that long ago.. i forgot what he said but he did say that the v1 ignores this fm radar and that its not allowed to be used for traffic radar.

    but they cant give you a ticket with it, so the use of the road goes unnoticed....

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    thank you for your replies
    thestaton - I always keep it on little L and never screwed up with any settings, the X is on and today on my way to work I saw usual stoplight...
    I'd rather brake to 10 door openers when miss one attempt to rob me at radar gun point
    laserblaster - interesting, never heard about FM, need to do more research, don't know about UK, but here in USA they can use anything to nail you for speeding, even officers Batman eyes will get your speed within plus/minus 1 mph they will probably soon use F-16 fighter jets for all I know :shock:

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    Here is what Mike Valentine had to say about a V1 missing a speed sign:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Valentine
    The failure to alert to a particular speed sign might have one of
    several causes:

    1) The speed sign may employ an FM-CW modulation technique to sense the direction of vehicles in its field of view. This feature is used to isolate departing from oncoming traffic. The V1 does not recognize FM-CW modulation as a valid police radar signal and tries to reject it. FM-CW is allowed for license-free "Part 15" devices by the FCC. FM-CW is not allowed for police radar. There are numerous traffic-volume sensors using FM-CW spread all around metropolitan areas these days that detector owners would rather not produce an alert. Otherwise freeway driving (in Cincinnati, at least) would be very annoying. It's a good thing that the V1 rejects FM-CW modulated signals.

    2) The speed sign may have drifted out of the police radar band from aging or temperature. "Part 15" devices are somewhat notorious for this behavior. Automatic door sensors and Doppler security sensors are both "Part 15" devices, too. Few automatic door sensors use FM-CW because of the added expense. The speed sign devices can afford the added cost of including the FM-CW modulating hardware.

    3) The V1 in question may need for our service department to have a look at it to make sure it is operating correctly.



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