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    Default At what signal strength will a gun get a reading on a V1?

    Sometimes the V1 will go off perhaps due to instant on and a quick peak at the signal strength will show maybe a 3/4 signal (I forget how many bars there are in total) Is it safe to assume the radar did not have my car in it's sights? You know that panicky feeling you get when you're wondering "Did he get me, or not". ops: I would like to know if the V1 doesn't light every bar, is it "safe" to assume it wasn't me .... yet?

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    This all depends on many factors. Just because you are recieving a weak signal this doesn't mean that they are not getting a reading on you. This signal could be coming about for reasons like you are a good distance away or there is simply something obstructing the path of the radar like another vehicle or a tree.



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